A Poor POS System is a Bad Recipe for Full-Service Restaurants

84% of restaurants label their Point of Sale (POS) system as one of their most important technologies.

The truth is that just having any POS system is not enough for today’s fast-paced restaurants. The wrong one can lead to a host of problems and inefficiencies.

But really, what is the risk of a poor POS system in a full-service restaurant?

In this article, we’ll explain why it’s so important for full-service restaurants to utilize a POS system with modern, efficient attributes.

What is a Bad POS System?

The wrong POS system may not have the features you need, or it may be too difficult to use. Here are some signs of a bad POS system:

  • Missing core features.
  • Difficult to use/clunky interface.
  • Unreliable and crashes frequently.
  • Not designed for a full-service restaurant (pickup, delivery, etc).
  • Doesn’t accept key payment methods.
  • Difficult to integrate.

The Risks

Here are a few things to consider.

Unable to Process Key Payment Methods

A poor Point of Sale system may not take all of the payment methods customers want to use. Specifically, the lack of mobile payments is a major issue for many POS systems. If customers cannot pay how they want, they may become frustrated and it can taint their entire dining experience, reducing the likelihood of a return visit.

Slow Checkout

A cumbersome or non-intuitive system can slow down the entire payment process. This is a slight annoyance for dine-in customers, but for take-out and/or delivery orders, it can be a dealbreaker.

Promotion Errors

If you can’t track and send promotions through all channels with your POS, there’s a greater chance that errors will occur. If a customer tries to take advantage of a promotion, only to realize the item is out-of-stock, or the promotion is no longer running, they will grow frustrated.

Inventory Problems

Properly tracking inventory is critical for restaurants, especially those with multiple locations. Not replenishing inventory quickly or leaving up menu items that aren’t available create a very negative customer experience.

Lost Orders

Keeping track of all of your orders for dining, delivery, and pickup is vital. When taking orders through multiple channels, you need a system that efficiently routes and manages orders. A lost or incorrect order is a surefire way to upset customers.

Don’t Put Your Customer Experience at Risk!

When it comes down to it, a poor POS system in a restaurant is a recipe for disaster! The many issues and inefficiencies it can cause drastically harm your customer experience. Not to mention, the problems are stressful and frustrating for employees as well.

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