Paycue is comprised of a team of expert professionals who are ready to assist your business. With availability 7 days a week, you can be assured you are getting the best service in the industry to run your business with advanced technology and efficiency. 

Our Story

Paycue was founded in 2021 by entrepreneur Sohail Modi.

Sohail Modi was inspired to start Paycue after a career in the retail industry. His experience in the field made him realize the power of automated and integrated technology solutions that can increase the efficiency and accuracy of business operations. Paycue Books was his first development to transform the way owners conduct their businesses. Since then, he has expanded his teams and connected with associates and friends that operate in the same sector to build better solutions for the future of business. 

Smart business approach

Rich software and hardware solutions

Supportive professional network

Our Team

Our team empowers the way forward for superior customer service that elevates daily business operations. We focus on relationship management and bring additional assistance that is rare to find across multiple industries. Our business is more than software and hardware products, it is about delivering resources that make running small and medium businesses possible. With an expert team of professionals that can provide voice authorization and client assistance 24/7, you can feel confident in protecting your assets and growing your business. 

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Paycue streamlines the setup process to be faster and more efficient for your business. Our team is ready to assist you across a range of device capabilities to deliver a customizable approach to managing your POS system.