Manage Your Employees With Smarter Technology

Keeping track of schedules and payments is an important part of running a business. With Paycue employee management software, you can work alongside your team to develop growth and manage at scale. 


Track with detailed daily and monthly reports that help you identify and manage top sales and employees


Assign roles to your management team or employees to provide secure access for specific jobs


Paycue makes it easy for customers to give tips with customizable options

Grow Your Business with Paycue

Get Set Up With Ease

Ask the important questions and get set up quickly with our expert team of professionals who can deliver fast and efficient onboarding. 

Schedule and Manage All In One Place

Manage Shifts

Keep track of employee scheduling and see a full view calendar to run your business without miscommunication

Distribute Tips

Reward employees with a clear distribution of tips and revenue shares

Keep Track of Commissions

Track commission per employee and location to manage commission payments for your entire staff

Chat With Our Experts

Paycue takes the hassle out of running a business. To help you get started, chat with one of our experts who can answer any questions about the software and get your business up and running without any complications.

Payroll Has Never Been Easier

Payroll does not have to be complicated, which is why Paycue offers a straightforward way to download tax information, ring up benefits, and manage employee payments.

Experience Less Stress with Paycue

Set Up Paycue With Ease

Get in touch with us online or on the phone to set up your Paycue system with ease. Our POS system delivers fast and efficient service across multiple devices and plan options to suit your business needs.