Should You Invest in Self-Checkout for C-Stores?

The use of self-checkout stations has grown 18% just since 2018. More and more stores are adding this checkout option for customers. Self-checkout stations for c-stores comes with a lot of benefits for the store and its customers.

The only issue for most c-stores is the self-checkout investment, and many stores may not know if it will be worth it for them.

Let’s talk about whether self-checkout technology is the right decision for your store.

Pros and Cons of Self-Checkout for C-Stores

Every store is different, so self-checkout may be a better option for some, while this investment might not be worth it for other convenient stores.

That being said, the majority of stores could benefit from self-checkouts. Many people agree that the pros outweigh the cons in many instances.


One of the major benefits of self-checkout is its speed. Customers and employees both agree that self-checkout is faster for everyone.

Customers can come in and go out faster without having to wait in lines. It also reduces contact for those who do not want to interact with a cashier.

Another obvious benefit is reduced labor cost. You’ll need fewer people to handle the registers if there are self-checkouts.

For larger convenience stores, this can be very beneficial. It can cost a lot of money to have cashiers available, and they may not all be working all the time.

Self-checkout stations automate this process and reduce the need for cashiers in the c-store.


The main concern with self-checkout stations is the significant investment for a store to take out of its budget. The initial up-front cost can feel overwhelming, and some smaller convenience stores may not be able to afford it at all.

There is also a greater risk of theft among customers using self-checkout stations. Because they are checking out their products themselves, they could avoid paying for certain things.

Even outside of intentional theft, there are many ways to inaccurately use a self-checkout station, and some people may pay less than they should or not pay for certain items at all.

Many stores also report having technical issues with these stations. Customers may find them confusing, and sometimes they have glitches that make them difficult to use.

Self-Checkout for C-Stores

If you are considering getting a self check out for your C store, you may be wondering about the effect it will have on your bottom line. It is important to consider the pros and cons of self check-out stations.

Are you interested in upgrading the checkout options in your store? Contact us today at Modisoft for the latest in self-checkout software.