2020 changed a lot of things for eCommerce, as online sales became more important. With 2021 in full swing, here are the top four eCommerce trends you should be watching out for.

  1. Customers are choosing marketplaces over eCommerce stores

2021 has been an important year for businesses having easy-to-navigate websites that make purchasing easier and more straightforward. However, many consumers are looking towards marketplace platforms to make purchases. Marketplaces make it easy for customers to look at multiple items that are similar and make a choice based on the items available.

Consider marketplaces as another avenue for expanding your brand and listing the products available. By prioritizing convenience, you are able to take advantage of the high traffic volume on marketplace platforms to increase your customer base and take part in the faster shopping experience.

Keep in mind not to rely on marketplaces, as you are unable to track data more closely as you would with online sales directly from your own platform.

  1. Omnichannel Selling Is Growing

The more access your customers have to your brand, the more sales you will have in the long run. Across tablets, mobile phones, and desktops, consumers are looking at all different modes of technology to make purchases.

Omnichannel selling is expanding to social media platforms and affects how consumers and influencers interact with your brand. By tapping into the ability for customers to see and purchase products across mobile and desktop capability for multiple social media channels, you can increase brand awareness and sales in the coming year.

  1. Self-Service Platforms Are On The Rise

 Online sales have changed how small businesses are able to compete with other big companies. With self-service platforms that make purchasing easier for customers, brands are able to tap into more purchasing power with digital sales that do not require a whole team of developers.

If your brand is already established, consider using a platform that you can easily add your products and services to in order to quickly get set up and start expanding your online and in-store purchases.

  1. AI Is Becoming More Beneficial

AI is getting smarter and more beneficial for entrepreneurs and established businesses. Chatbots, messenger apps, and voice search are all aspects of AI that businesses are choosing to take advantage of to increase positive customer experiences and to automate operations for better organization.

By tapping into AI, you can improve back-end operations, ordering, and selling all within one app. Determine what your business needs this year to keep up with trends and to expand customer reach.