Did you know that 60% of customer dissatisfaction sources originate from the back office?


The backbone of every business is the system set in place to run it. This includes payroll, inventory management, forecasting, and financing. Choosing the right back office software is essential for sustained growth and productivity.


Yet, what is back office software? And how can the best office apps help to boost your bottom line?


Read on to learn about the different back office software options and how they can benefit your industry. Discover why an integrated system with live data assists both front-facing and back office staff. And see how Modisoft’s unique tools can help to manage your daily workload.



What Is Back Office Software?


Back office operations relate to non-customer-facing processes like managing payroll and stock inventory.


Unlike point of sale (POS), back office software concentrates on running the core elements of a business and not just sales. The best apps unify these systems into one platform so that managers can track everything from one place.


The goal of back office software is to optimize and automate a company as best as possible. This enhances efficiency and leads to higher profitability.



Back Office Software Options

Back office management covers a range of tasks including:
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Inventory management
Linking these roles factors heavily into back office app development.
For example, accounting software should ‘speak’ with payroll to create reports for upper management. Tracking purchases should feed into the system to produce automatic inventory lists.
The best applications offer a host of additional benefits.

Key Benefits of Back Office Software 

Below are some key benefits that back office software brings to your business regardless of its size.


1. Improved Efficiency
A streamlined structure reduces waste, improves morale, and increases efficiency. A modern suite like Modisoft’s platform enhances this further by using Cloud technology. That means you can access live data from anywhere at any time.
2. Easier Employee Management

Time wastage is a common complaint amongst managers. Eighty-nine percent of US employees admit to wasting company time every day. Modisoft’s employee management software helps to control your staff more effectively. We supply hardware with a fingerprint scanner for accurate and secure clocking-in. And our apps produce reports on absenteeism.
3. Secure Electronic Price Tags

Let the software do the hard work of creating and printing price tags. Intelligent automation apps will keep your inventory up to date. Our Easylock anti-theft protection system also reduces price tag tampering.
4. Multi-Store Management
Back office software options aren’t limited to just one store. They’re designed to work in multiple locations and share data between them in real-time. Upper management can see exactly how each store performs from one computer. You can produce a host of reports using accurate data from one or more locations.

Increase Office Productivity With Modisoft 

Back office software enables you to manage all of the essential services required to run your business.

From payroll to pricing, these applications let you listen to the heartbeat of your business. Selecting the best tools not only increases productivity but saves you money over time.

Modisoft’s unique back office software solutions combine all of the apps you need into one powerful platform.
With integrated banking and full reporting, you can access everything from one screen. And our front end POS solutions work seamlessly with our back end apps.
Pricing starts at only $69 per month so contact us today to learn how Modisoft can benefit your business.